Booster Pages

Our work helps Mr. Carroll focus on music and allows our students to participate in an outstanding and
diverse band program while minimizing the costs to families.  We keep individual student account
records so band students can earn money toward future years’ trips, fees and events.

As with most student focused organizations, the Boosters are a critical component of both the overall
success of the program and the personal reward to each of our children.  Please take the time to
participate in whatever way you feel you can!

If each of us does a little to help, it will make a big difference!
Joliet West Band Boosters

About Us...
The Joliet West Band Boosters are a support group for the
instrumental music program here at Joliet West High School.  We
work with the band director, Mr. Carroll, to provide the best band
experience possible for the students by helping with support
manpower and fundraising.  We also help keep everyone up to date
on what’s happening with the band program.
Examples of what we work on
include: uniforms fittings and
maintenance, marching band
camp support, equipment
movement and setup for
performances, assistance
with the band trip, organizing
and running a wide variety of
fund raisers, chaperoning and
much more.  If you choose to
help with some of our work,
we always try and recruit
enough help so no one is
overwhelmed.  And we
always seem to have an
“expert” around who has
organized an activity or
chaperoned before to help the
new parents.